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System Fault Devlog 1

Hey folks, wanted to talk about a thing I’m doing that will likely be Lights Out Games next game.

I released Rampage for the second No Video Jam. It was well-received despite its flaws, so I thought I’d build it into something better and am attempting at least bi-weekly devlogs. The first is here. I don’t know if I’ll always post about them here, but since this is my first, I figured it warranted the boost. :slight_smile:

As mentioned in the post, I’d like to start using OpenAL’s more advanced audio effect processing to clean up the sometimes messy and misleading soundscapes. Does anyone have experience with those? I don’t just mean slapping reverb on sounds and calling it a day, but apparently you can pan reverbs in nearby rooms toward open doorways between them. I think I conceptually understand how to model that in terms of OpenAL’s API, but if I can avoid going down the particular rabbit hole of understanding how wrongly I got it, then that’d be a win. :slight_smile:

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