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Additions to the forum, compatibility

Hy there!
now that this community is kicking off the ground, even though very slowly, can’t we have something like the dev room here as well? There might not be too many posts here at the beginning as there are not so many programmers…probably, but I recommend one such to be made.
Btw, if one does exist, could you, with ethin’s permission of course, post his resources for programmers and developers here as well? would be a good first topic in there lol.


For that you’d neeed to ask Ethin, and get him over here, really. End of the day I’d be far better with Ethin coming here and posting his stuff honestly, rather than somone else and just syaing yeah, but Ethin said it’s okay really. I do like the idea however, it’d help out a lot

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yeah, we should honestly. In my opinion, there is no forum replacement without the other rooms, that includes the development room.
Plus, now one can post with markdown, I bet it’ll make things a hell of a lot easier to format, change and all that, far easier than bb code by any strech of the imagination.

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You know that’ll get the omg this is a clone arguments going over there /sarcasm

Seriously though. We don’t need to copy everything exactly, and I think the idea of a devs room is good but it could very well be called something else in keeping with our style of we’re doing things our own way. I swear we already have a development discussion room don’t we? If not, why not, that sounds like it’d hit both points, it’s different enough so the crowd aren’t all they are cloning mah forumz (say it in a South Park voice…), and opens it up to more than just post code and be done with it

well, not everything, but I think a dev room won’t be bad at all, considering discussions in the audiogames dev room are still going and new topics are being made, so programmers will never tire of talk :small_red_triangle:, putting an emogi there just to see what it does lol. In all seriousness though, I think we need a dev room, especially as @nolan is a programmer himself. DK if that should hold any weight, but yeah, one more reason to do so.
Btw, the one we have here is about website and community development and design.

Which part of its description makes you believe it is only about web design?

This forum is about discussing games accessible to/playable by (whichever you prefer) blind people. So naturally, the room “Development and Design” is meant for discussing the development and design of such games. And if you look at the category, you’ll see it is already being used as such. So apart from the resources – which the owners are free to copy over if they wish to – I am not sure what you think is missing.

aha, OK, then we don’t need another one, probably. Discourse is really weird to get to grips with tbh, I don’t even know how to see topics only in one category, or how to see categories, but yeah.