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Stormux Flash Sale

I have had some unexpected surprises come up this month, and thus I’m scrambling to earn a few extra bucks. Well to be more precise, I need over $100. This has meant picking up some side jobs, and doing things that take away from the development time of my projects which is already limited because of busy family schedule, etc.

One thing I have done to try and earn some of it is a flash sale on a bundle of things from stormux. Note, if you are not at least somewhat using Linux, or to a lesser extend, Mac you will most likely not benefit from purchasing this bundle.

If you do use Linux or Mac, here is what is included with the bundle:

  • The latest release of BPG, an optionally interactive sound scape exploration game with minigames and rpg style combat. (value $10)
  • Introduction to bash class in mp3. (value $10)
  • bash question and answer in mp3. (value $10, but only available through this bundle)
  • tintin++ workshop in mp3. (value free)
  • Regular expressions class in mp3 with included example files in mp3. (value $25)

Originally, the sale was supposed to end today, but I have been contacted by a couple of people who asked if I could extend it through tomorrow, so the sale will end tomorrow, Sunday September 12, 2021. The sale is $10 for all the items in the list above. That is the price of BPG alone, and less than the cost of the regular expressions class by itself.

If you are interested in this special, please make a donation of $10 through my ko-fi link. I will then send you a link to the files that will last for 14 days.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me here, or ask on the stormux email list, you can subscribe from the link to the Stormux link above. Just as a reminder, this stuff will be of very limited use if you are a Windows only user. If you are able to take advantage of this special, I want to say thank you in advance, you are helping me out of a bit of a tight spot.