Blind Gamers

Community events?

Hey folks,

For the moment we just have the forum and website, but I’d like to make this community into something more. Any thoughts on community events?

Not sure if this is true for anyone other than me, but I sometimes have trouble with mainstream games like Hades that seem to work well for others. What would help, I think, is to watch someone play in a setting where I feel like lots of questions are welcome. I’ve watched streams before, but don’t think hounding streamers with questions is necessarily the way to go. :slight_smile:

Thoughts on having a semi-regular game night, where someone familiar with a game volunteers to hang out on a Discord or something, stream it, and answer questions in voice chat? Some initial game ideas:

  • Hades
  • Flight sims, watched plenty on Youtube but would love to ask questions
  • Maybe some playable games in RetroArch?

Other event ideas are welcome too.


I think this is a great idea. It’s hard to ask streamers questions because of the delay and because it slows the stream down, but a screenshare on Discord would be perfect since it’s as realtime as it gets.
I’m happy to offer my Hades expertise to whichever Discord server will have me!
I’d love to watch someone play a flight sim as well. They’re really scary not to mention expensive and I’d like to pester someone with a million questions before buying one.

I’ll think about spinning us up a Discord. Might be a good idea to settle in here first, but one might be useful for events like these, and I’m not immediately sure of an existing one that’d host us.

This is a great idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

we could use the audiogame dev discord server

If anyone wants, I could show off something like DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3, on a ps2 emulator. I know, it might be pretty old, but yeah, who knows, it might be useful to some.
The only problem I could see with such a thing is timezone issues, as different streammers might llive in different countries. I know, gmt and all that, however it’s not really convenient to convert from and to gmt, plus one should have to consult a timezone table for their region as not to confuse others or not to accidentally loos the stream.
Another issue might be stream archiving, though I’m sure there must be bots to solve this.


Check BlindFlightSimmer on Youtube for that, or the BVIpilots list if that’s still around, I don’t get any mails from it any more so couldn’t tell you if it’s still a thing or not. Declan’s not answered emails so I dunno what’s up with that one.

Streaming…well with Twitch’s draconian DMCA you’d get pinged for, say, the music in Hades even though you’re in the process of turning it down, and unlike Youtube, Twitch has zero way to appeal things. I’d say /if/ you’re gonna stream, Youtube streams are probably the way to go I’d say. I know folks on YT who do streams for 10/12+ hours so…not saying you’d stream for that long either but…why not.

I’m a no on a Discord server honestly, given the attitude of ‘lol but not accessiblle’ I see from some quarters of the community, the same crowd that don’t think Discourse is doable (despite it being doable, and yes I’ll admit I was in that camp before I learned the ways to do things and very muh like Discourse now I learned stuff. I get it. Pun/PanBB is ‘accessible’ but lacks features, and can’t fix several. Discourse has 95% of stuff we need, and the devs are receptive and willing to work on feedback and change things. Discord however, given my experience with suppot…yes it’s workable…but…

My issue with Discord is there’s already a crapton of blind people with servers. It’s like TT all over again, everyone having their own Discord server and why should we contribute to that?

well, discord is not turning in tt soon, especially because sighted people are using it. I don’t really understand why are you opposed to people having a tun of servers? They wanna start a community, let them do so, in my opinion, it’s not affecting this community at all. Plus, many people might have servers it’s true, however few are productive and serving a real purpose, so yeah, I don’t think this community is like that.