2MB releases Haunted House!

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Hi all,

The 2MB crew are excited to present a new game title. Haunted House is available now for all. For anyone in the $10 tier and higher of 2MB Patron, you can download the game for free. Patrons in the $5 tier will need to purchase the original game for the full price but will get additional games for free. In addition, the first pack of expansion games is available. For anyone who would like to become a patron, they can sign up here. You can find the original game with 3 games, and the expansion pack 1 with 3 more at those links.

About the Game

Haunted house is an eerie dream-scape like series of challenges. Sometimes, the dream can turn into a nightmare. There you are, bobbing for apples, when suddenly skeletal hands grab you and hold you under water. You are an evil witch, capturing trick-or-treaters using your magical golem when suddenly you get too close to the forest and crash into the trees. You suddenly awake in a cellar and have to escape before the deranged killer who put you there gets back. It doesn’t sound too difficult until you discover very restless undead who don’t want you to leave… ever. You can help a skeleton with its desire to become a world famous bard, and a lot more.

The game will keep evolving over time with more packs released for it from time to time. Once again, members in the $5 and higher tier will get these updates for free.

Haunted House will work on all platforms Linux, Mac, and Windows. As with all 2MB products, haunted House is open source.

If you’d like to get free access, sign up for patron here. Otherwise, you can purchase the original game and the expansion pack 1 right now.

Happy gaming, we hope you enjoy haunted house!

-Michael and Billy.
2MB Solutions.

P.S. We’d love to hear your feedback! Just reply to this email to contact us.

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