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2MB Newsletter September 2021 forum copy

2MB news: new contests, super secret project, and more

New contests

We’ve decided to start having contests once a month. They could be anything from winning a crazy party match, to submitting something, and much more. The catch? – yes, there is a catch, is that only 2MB Patron users can participate. Don’t worry though, 2MB Patron can be as low as $2 per month. Get 2MB Patron here.

And on the same theme…

September’s contest is… Drumroll please,… An idea contest! Throughout the month of September, 2MB Patron users will have the opertunity to submit one, and only one idea for a game they’d like to see us make. It must include some detail, and after it is submitted, only details will be allowed to be changed, and not in such a way that the game is heavily modified. At the end of the month we will pick an idea we like most, and announce the winner. The winner will get to have us make the game, be featured prominantly in the credits, readme, etc, and may receive other prizes if they can be thought of. Lol. To enter the contest sign up to 2MB Patron here.

Super secret project

Yeah, I know, it’s just a tease. We’re making a game as we finish up bottle blaster, and will be happy to share it with everyone. It was supposed to be a three day project, but – darned concentration – we’re still working on it. It’ll probably be the kind of thing where we release a basic first edition, then over time refine it and release more features. Don’t worry, the first edition will be fully playable, it just might have more features in future editions. Wham!

From Michael

I’ve been working on the two games we’ve got going right now. On the secret one we switched roles, so Billy is the main coder and I do the other stuff like sound things, and other misc stuff. It’s been pretty cool to see what the other person does more of. I’m super excited about the contest coming up – Billy comes up with an enormous fount of ideas that are all amazing, but I’ll be looking forward to see what others come up with.

From Billy

I’ve still been adding things to bpg this month, and it’s getting more and more fun as time passes. As a super special prize to the winner of this month’s contest, I will be offering two free copies of bpg, to be given to you and one other friend. You could choose to give your copy to another friend, if you wished, so it would make two friends who got bpg. On the topic of coding – phew! I didn’t realize how much work it was for Michael to do most of our games heh. But perhaps he has more of a nack for it than I do. Looking forward to the next project lol.

Remember, you can sign up for 2MB Patron here and win that prize!

Until next time – Have fun.

-Michael and Billy.

P.S. Did I miss something? Oh, you’ve probably been around enough for that. Lol.
P.P.S. If one person can guess the type of game the secret project is I will give them a free copy of it. One guess per person.