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Email replying/creating tutorial question

Right, so I’ll spin this off from the gems topic…

So. How would I go about using the forum via email? Like how would I start a topic/reply to topics/etc?

I tried hitting reply and got an error message. So…any ideas?

I have no idea how you’d start a thread using email, but I was able to reply to a thread notification email (not the digest, but the email for a specific thread) and it went through for me. Just remember to delete your email signiture!

I’m just struggling to figure out what I’m doing wrong when I fire up my email client, hit reply, and type in what I want then hit send, ig gives me an error.

If I take out all the prior messages, nope, it just goes into a void along with all the missing socks and pens. So I’m a little puzzled by that. I’m on Mozilla Thunderbird if that helps, because I really…really hate web Gmail for being, well, web Gmail

What specific error do you get?

You may need to use Thunderbird’s reply-to-list feature via the message context menu or a keyboard shortcut I always forget.

You can also enable mailing list mode somewhere in settings, and all forum messages are emailed to you. I think each group also has its own email address, though you have to click an envelope icon to find it. Who knows where that is…

Reply to list? Huh, okay there’s not a shortcut for that. I’ll try
sending this one and seeing if it works then

EDIT: Alright reply to list was the thing I was missing, it wasn’t in the docs that I could find on meta.discourse. Sweet, so reply to list is the one I was looking for all along, woot!

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Yup. Only thing to be aware of is that I don’t think formatting works via email, so you may not be able to use Markdown. Still though, it’s nice for grumpy mailing list holdouts like myself. :slight_smile:

And myself. Gotta try to start a discussion and see how that works.

I did read in the docs I can do things like +1 to like the thread,
though I’m not sure what the limits of that are.

Wondering if it’s worth writing up a little guide on replying to topics
et al via email on various clients and systems though?

I was thinking about doing a Discourse screen reader tips post in the wikis section. Might make a good addition there.

I’ll set something up tomorrow.

I like, but I’d say we’d all, those of us in the main Discourse
screenreader thread over on the meta.discourse instance, may need to
compare notes and cross check and see what the Discourse devs end up
doing. I’d hate to write something up then have it be wrong because of a
change that got pushed to deployed sites and I didn’t catch it and
rewrite the bit of a wiki page in question though

Why does everybody hate the gmail web view? it’s always been my favorite way of using email and likely why I will only ever use gmail-based things for as long as I possibly can.
Granted, it might not work as well on Linux but on Windows and Mac OS with every screen reader (including narrator I believe) it works flawlessly!

IT: AlEMostly since the standard web view doesn’t work well for me.

So, more questions

Can the guide have how to reply from different providers? I have a backup Outlook account, how would I post to a Discourse topic from Outlook, or AOL, or Yahoo, or… , I feel like that could be useful info to throw in a guide too

EDIT: Okay to explain my dilike of web Gmail. On my system it’s a slow, laggy mess unless I knock it back to basic view. Which…I’m unsure how I’d reply to a topic from Gmail on the web actually. Which harks back to what I said up there about a bit for replying from various providers yeah

I would assume that the email provider would have no impact on how you would send / receive forum messages as long as that email address was associated with your forum account.
Re: Standard view, do you use it in focus mode? if you use it in browse mode then yeah I can definitely see how you might have an awful experience!
You should only ever need to use browse mode when actually reading an email message. Everything else can be done in focus mode. Also, keyboard shortcuts are disabled by default for whatever reason, but there are keyboard shortcuts for pretty much everything.

Ah huh, good to know. My query about providers is basically…

How would I reply in a web view then, since from what I gather, I need
to hit reply to list, since standard reply IIRC just sends it off
elsewhere correct? Or am I misunderstanding how it all works?

hmm, it’d actually be interesting to reply via email sometimes, even if I’m not a mailing list guy, well, haven’t ever used one, so yeah.
However, did anyone figure out how to reply to topics via email with, for example, the web yahoo mail? Like, I don’t even know what email address should I use to do it.