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BGC Staff Members: Removing the "Un" From "Unknown"

Greetings, members of the BGC community!

As it stands, I don’t think the current staff members are listed anywhere convenient; that is definitely something we have to change at one point. But until then, an announcement will do!

You are no doubt familiar with Nolan, the one responsible for this place existing at all. He is the one that had a dream about what a VI gaming community done right could look like and has through these last couple months gradually been getting closer towards making it a reality; and we’re very close now indeed!
In short, he’s the boss around here. But any dictator, even a benevolent one, needs enforcers. This one is still looking for volunteers, but until then, he has two.

I am the first. Some of you might already know me from other places; I was a moderator on Survive the Wild at an age where I could hardly ban the mess from my own bedroom, much less do community management. Whether or not my skill has improved since then is debatable, but I must be doing something right, because I currently also help out on a Mastodon instance, a wiki-like project called Trunk, a couple Discord servers and, least importantly, a Twitch channel.

What can I promise you? I can promise that I will try to be the sort of admin that nips drama in the bud, rather than waiting about with a scythe. I can’t promise to be the most active poster around, but when I do post, I will do my best to be helpful and interesting. But most importantly, I will make sure that it is always us that will be nipping drama in the bud, and us that will be helpful and interesting. Because while there are certainly already small things we don’t agree with – like all those buttons in the settings menu that I can only barely resist pressing (sorry, Nolan!) – this is still a team and I am proud to be a part of it.

What’s that? You mean if I’m so fond of being in a team, I should stop talking about myself already and tell you who the second admin is? Alright, alright! The second admin still has that new book smell around him, only having joined yesterday, but I have a feeling he might not require nearly as much introduction … Please raise your glasses of preferred beverage and welcome …


New-book smell? I love new-book smell!

And in the interest of subverting expectations and ensuring that Mayana is the one with the text wall and not me, I’ll keep this fairly brief.

If you know me already, then hello and welcome to the community. If you don’t, then hello and welcome to the community anyway. It’s an honour and a pleasure to serve.

I have years of administrative experience and nearly two decades of audiogame experience. I have an established history of aiding in getting stuff done, and I’d characterize myself as a team player who tries to keep everyone’s best interests at heart. I’ve got a quirky sense of humour, a strong sense of morality, and the acute sense that I’m starting to fulfill everyone’s natural expectations about my loquacious nature. Hopefully my good points speak more eloquently than my bad ones do.

I look forward to being a productive part of this little corner of the Internet as it continues to grow.


It’s cool to see a lot of familiar faces? writing-styles? on here.
The forum has turned into politics central, and I’m not even referring to the threads created for discussing politics!
Here’s to hoping this little pocket dimension can steer clear of a lot of that stupid drama and toxicity and get back to gaming!

Can I even post on this thread? Would it tell me if I couldn’t?
I guess I’m about to find out!

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No prizes if you figure out who I am, yep. Just putting that out there, lol. I know who a bunch of you folks are too

hello there!
glad to see the accessibility of this forum improving, well done job. While there would still be problems and quorks here and there, I think this is going in the right direction, well done @nolan!
Indeed the forum can be really tricky sometimes, particularely when talking about drama causing topics and such things, let’s see how this one would go along.
With that said, if anyone knows, can someone tell me how do I change my email address or things like that, farely new to discourse.

Start with finding the button labeled “profile, messages, bookmarks and preferences”. After pressing it, select the Preferences tab and then open the Preferences link in the list below. The section selected by default will be Account, so just go down until you reach your email. Above it will be a combo box; expand it and you’ll be able to edit the email.

No, I’m not sure why it’s a combo box. But I assure you that as far as combo boxes go, this is one of the more accessible ones Discourse devs have thought up.

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Welcome everyone. Well, at the first time I looked at this forum, I didn’t have much hope for it, due to the issues discourse had, but it seems like they fixed most of the stuff most of us had problems with so yeah, it’s time to be more active here. Won’t really say anything more before it gets out of hand…