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Accessibility of the ps4

Hello there, fellow community members or whatever!
Firstly, this is a test topic in which I can say with absolute confidance discorss is…hmm…shall I put it this way, not convenient at all to use :smiley:
Second, just because I want to make a topic here, I want to raise a valid question like thingi, I don’t know which yet
Is the ps4 accessible outside the u.s? if so, is it better than the xbox?
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The PS4 isn’t accessible outside of the US, all though the PS5 is.

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I should also point out that even though the PS 4 is accessible in the US, the accessibility is honestly a joke.

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As far as i know, the PS 4 is not really accessible. The ps 5 has a screenreader, altough i never tryed it. Also depents on wich games you want to play, there are games that are working and there are others wich don’t.

well, I want to play mainly mortal kombat, farely new to the ps ecosystem:smiley:.
Anyways, @3, why do you think the ps4’s accessibility is a joke, can you elaborate, genuinely interested.

When last I tried it, some of the settings UI didn’t speak at all, which bit me when I tried to configure it for the eccentricities of my college’s WIFI. That having been said, the main screen and messages were accessible, so chatting and finding games you own should work fine. Just some fleeting memories from the few months I owned one, ca 2015.

Because very little of the UI reads. You only get a couple settings screens, the messages screen, and a couple sections of the home screen.